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Brief History of the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church
In the summer of 1986, Pastor Roy A. Gordon conducted the "Jesus Is the Answer" Evangelistic Revival at the corner of Burke and Bouck Avenue in the Bronx.  On December 13, 1986, the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church was "born" with a membership of over one-hundred and thirty.  Our first minister was Pastor Conrad White. 
Under the evangelistic leadership of Pastor White, the young church grew to approximately two hundred and fifty members by 1992.  During those six years, we worshipped at 3427 White Plains Road and the church was actively involved in evangelism and Community Outreach Programs.
In April 2, 1994, we relocated to 661 East 219th Street under the leadership of Pastor Orette Mitchell.  We witnessed in that part of the Bronx, and many precious souls were added to the Philadelphia Family.  In 1996, with Pastor Mitchell and family, we celebrated our Tenth Anniversary.
In November 1997, Pastor Earl Baldwin became our new Pastor.  Under his leadership we grew physically and were able to purchase or own "church home."  We were also blessed spiritually by his dynamic sermons, his unique preaching style and his love for music.
In February 2001, Pastor Patrick and family joined the Philadelphia Church Family.  In November 2001, we were blessed at our Church's Fifteenth Anniversary Banquet to have Admiral Barry Black as our Guest Speaker.  With Pastor Patrick's love for evangelism, we had a Revival in June and ten precious souls were baptized.
During the latter part of Pastor Patrick's leadership, we continued to hold revival meetings.  Pastor Patrick worked with two other evangelists, Pastor Fitzroy Jackson and Pastor Keith Byers with the result of many souls being added to the church through baptism.  Christ commands us to share the gospel with those who are perishing.  Who have you shared the gospel with today?  After the completion of Pastor Patrick's ministry with the Philadelphia SDA Church in September 2004, we were without a full-time Pastor. 
The Lord saw it fit that Pastor Bancroft Daughma serve as our interim Pastor for the period of September 2004 through January 2005.  While under Pastor Daughma's leadership, we were also blessed by the ministry of visiting speakers such as, Dr. Calvin B. Rock, the guest speaker for our Church's Eighteenth Anniversary Banquet.  Throughout the faithful ministry of Pastor Daughma, we continued in prayer asking that the Lord provide us with a full-time Pastor to fully minister to our congregation.  Our prayers were answered with the arrival of Pastor Hubert Wilkie and family in February 2005.
Under the leadership of Pastor Wilkie, the church has continued to grow through one-to-one evangelism, seminars, and strengthening the ministry to the church and the community.  From February 2005 to date, under Pastor Wilkie's leadership, more than three hundred members have been added to the church through baptism, profession of faith, and transfer of membership.  To God be the glory.
We ask the Lord to help us to follow where He leads and we ask that you continue to pray for us as we strive to make it to the heavenly kingdom together.  May God bless us all richly as we seek the heavenly kingdom, and follow in his footsteps daily.